♫♪  DāM-FunK - “Bionic Pu**y”

I guess the asterisks in this track’s title could be T’s, and the song might be about some human-Gumby hybrid. But… nah. Excessively silly. This funk shuffles far too smoothly to be about anything other than sweet love in The Age of the Machine.

Despite DāM-FunK being based in LA, the digital goo of “Bionic Pu**y” brings me back to some gray summer days on Long Island, cruising around with a buddy, aviators propped low across his Sicilian mug. Nothing to do, we slinked by shopping malls and smokestacks for miles, pavement for years. Barren times. Only people getting turned on were the machines. Then night came down across the water over Manhattan where the sky was red and there was music being made in warehouses by a million kids just like us, loveless and looking out for some sweet something, some sweet bionic pu**.

DāM-FunK’s M.O., breeding computers and Soul, should be championed and cherished. I for one take some comfort in the idea that across the fiberoptic highways and byways of the world, there might be some true cinnamon-scented love getting uploaded between harddrives. Consider this: when the rise of the machines finally, inevitably goes down, with any luck it’ll be more orgy than gory. But then again, let’s hope it’s not both.

• DāM-FunK: http://www.stonesthrow.com/damfunk

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