Danny Brown

Danny Brown and college kid-cum-producer Trampy team up for “Express Yourself,” which is not a Madonna cover, but ACTUALLY a Diplo tribute track. Yep, the Philly native’s viral twerk campaign has inspired this duo to offer a grimy tribute, awash with skittery drums and a mellow two-note synth run. “Yeah, I know it’s a little bit trampy,” a woman continuously interjects. “But what am I?” It’s a cynical bit of rhetoric that sort of speaks to the song itself. Yeah, Danny Brown’s lyrics here are the usual potpourri of blunts, booty, and blowjobs, delivered with his usual thrilled shrieks. He knows these type of Bacchanalian boasts are silly, trampy, even. But then again, aren’t we all? Isn’t that universality the reason why Diplo’s been so successful in turning #expressyourself into a rallying cry? In keeping things sordid, isn’t Danny Brown just playing to the freak in us all? If you want literary references and time-aged R&B, check out Kweli’s latest track. If you just want to get freaky for a bit, give this a listen, and while you’re at it, peep “Blueberry,” Brown’s collab with Darq E Freaker, which takes on the same decadent themes with a bit more ADD-addled urgency.

• Trampy: https://soundcloud.com/tsotrampy
• Danny Brown: http://itsbruiserbrigade.tumblr.com

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