Danny Brown

Oh, cool. Check me out: I know everything about rap. You think you got game on my rap knowledge? Please, oh’me. Push off this like you know me. Say it to my face. Spray it. If I gotta read y’all nonsense via free-range publication (i.e. The Internet; this post), I’ll assume you DO work like and are TOTALLY a scholar of the rap game. This, this, like — this right here, I know all about this/that, and Danny Brown as THE “#HottestMC.” Believe me, I got cred. All this personalized cred built up that means EVERYTHING (…squat) to you. ‘Cause that’s me. I’m doing me. Ima tell you bout all this and what’s hood upstairs in the filter with the candy on the bow ready to blow on the drop of that yellow cake, cat. Look at that language. I know it all about rap. Lemme tell you how to think about rap ‘cause this me and I got all the goods. Trust my words. Trust me when I write, “Trust me.” It’s the internet, and I’m not playin’. Here is where I read about rap and got all this knowledge about it and downloaded SO much music and I’ve read so much about rap that I think I am rap, but really I’m on the internet, so YEAH FUCK YEAH I am rap for all your concerned. First name: Rap. Last name: Criticism. Believe that. I’m OUT.

• Danny Brown: https://twitter.com/XDannyXBrownX
• HAHAHAHAHAHA: http://www.mtv.com/specials/hottest/mc

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