Danny Brown
“Kush Coma” [feat. A$AP Rocky] / freestyle on Crib Sessions

When we first heard Danny Brown’s new smash crowd banger, “Kush Coma,” it was a rough draft with a placeholder verse and a promise that A$AP Rocky would be on the final version. No one complained though; the more Danny, the better. Plus, the production by Skywlkr, fellow Bruiser Brigade member, is sooooo fucking great that the rapping’s like the blunt on top. In any case, thanks to Tim Westwood and BBC Radio 1 (via Hip-Hop Dons), we can now hear the version that’ll be on Danny’s forthcoming album, Old. While A$AP’s guest verse is indeed here — look ma, no triplets! — BBC Radio 1 unfortunately edited out every time the word “kush” was dropped, which is frequently since the chorus is about being in, well, a kush coma. Darn. I guess we’ll have to wait for Old — hitting stores in August via Fool’s Gold — to hear the full version.

In the meantime, check (“CHECK!!”) out Danny Brown freestyling over Pusha T’s “Numbers on the Boards,” courtesy of Westwood’s Crib Sessions. He looks like he’s possessed by Mr. Fox, but no bitch it’s Danny Brown, and he’s got some weed up in his sock. Dude’s going to die like a rock star.


Danny Brown updated his SoundCloud account with the full version, which includes another verse:

• Danny Brown: http://itsbruiserbrigade.tumblr.com
• Fool’s Gold: http://www.foolsgoldrecs.com

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