Danny Brown

Let’s get something straight: XXX was a great album, a complicated album, a psychedelic meditation on survival and excess, at turns (and sometimes simultaneously) a celebration and a lamentation. It was followed by a long string of strictly celebratory interviews, EPs, and guest verses — a blatant brand-building exercise that succeeded more in caricaturization than characterization.


Old is the follow up that XXX deserved. A dichotomization and a hybridization, it’s anything but a boring sequel and far stronger than its first singles “Dip” and “Kush Coma” would have you believe.

Flomax (stream Old) below via Spotify, pre-order on iTunes, or if you yourself are an old person, you can wait until October 8 for the physical copies, assuming of course you don’t die first.

• Danny Brown: http://xdannyxbrownx.com
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