♫♪  DarkTwaine_ - Dubh

A pause menu screen loops as the window AC unit emits a steady purr in your bedroom, their hypnagogic harmony muscling its way through the bathroom door while you skim your Instagram feed on the toilet. DarkTwaine_’s Dubh is part Banjo Kazooie soundtrack, part Ralph Bakshi flick — the project captures brief moments of plunderphonic playfulness and filters them through its seedy, oversaturated lo-fi lens. Though Dubh dabbles in footwork-like rhythms, especially on the densely-packed “Memory Decay”, it slyly evades danceability by drowning its sampled percussion in viscous reverb and excessive amounts of bass. It’s cerebral shiatsu, a 7-minute narcotic cooldown for the the temporal lobe with heavy replay value.

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