♫♪  DarkTwaine - EarthEmergency vol​.​1

So fucking stoked on this one, y’all. As we highlighted this release in a tease [snippet] a few months back, Zona Tapes is finally rolling out the reels, and for their first: DarkTwaine. Some real Afro-Futurism by-way of found-sound mockery, EarthEmergency vol​.​1 finds every nook and cranny of your lobs, and dives deep into listeners creative mine juices, squashing out a little wine-flow, broken by fragments of time and space, within a fury of lose beats and sampled squeaks. And it’s a blessing to admit — having only really heard the full UNMASTERED version of this tape — that EarthEmergency vol​.​1 is pure genius. I was super worried at first that it could go either bad or good, but up until now, I’ve full confidence in this being the beginning of a series that is sure to impress well into the 30th century. Maybe.

But the 21st is here. DarkTwaine is stretching the tape and slicing up your hemispheres. Grip the very first Zona Tapes tape EarthEmergency vol​.​1 with me right now, because I’m a fucking dip for waiting this long. So many evenings are about to burn like an stick of incense into OBLIVion, from here-on-out:

• DarkTwaine: http://darktwaine.bandcamp.com
• ZONA TAPES: http://zonatapes.bandcamp.com

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