♫♪  Decimus - Decimus 6

Under mounting logistical burnout and promotional grind, Pat Murano (No Neck Blues Band, Decimus) has retired his Kelippah label. Yet a new label arises, and with it a new approach. Murano posts-

“For the past year, I’ve been wracking my brain trying to think about how to proceed in a way that can feel inspired and personal. And so this is what I’ve come up with…. I’m starting a new label called Daksina. These releases will be limited to 100 copies and are available ONLY directly via mail order…”

The first two Daksina releases are Decimus 6, the eleventh Decimus series installment, and Ashvin, a joint effort between Murano and Tom Carter.

Though I’ve ordered both albums, Decimus 6 has yet to leave the turntable, calling for repeated exploratory quests through its hypnotic vapor, and the contours are just beginning to emerge. The LP’s two twenty-minute tracks are mirages that shift and stir, somehow sleazy and cosmic, landing somewhere between the soundtrack to Death Wish II and Caroline K’s Now Wait For Last Year.

They look great too, and with 100 copies each, these won’t last. Grab either one here, or take the pair and get a bonus Kelippah title thrown in.

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