Tom Carter & Loren Connors collaborate on new album

Tom Carter & Loren Connors collaborate on new album
Tom Carter & Loren Connors assure audiences that no double-neck guitars were harmed during recording.

Praise be to the guitar gods, boys and girls! I mean, let’s face it: “guitar virtuosos” don’t usually work much with other “guitar virtuosos.” Probably because, with the kinds of egos these people typically wield around, there’s usually no vinyl groove big enough for the two of ‘em.

So let us give thanks and rejoice that underground avant-blues legend Loren Connors and acid-folk improv titan Tom Carter have managed to BOTH FIT onto a new LP for the Family Vineyard label.

Never mind that the thing literally has no title (it’s being billed as, simply, “untitled”), nor does it have names for either of the two giant tracks that each comprise one full side of the resultant album’s wax. Just be grateful that we now live in a world where this sort of “labyrinthine, six-string tableau” — consisting of Carter’s “high-contrast spiral melodies” wound tight-as-fuck around Connors’s “expanding canvas of blacks and molten reds” — is even POSSIBLE.

Or at least be grateful for the fact that we’re ABOUT TO live in such a world. The nameless LP of shreddage (which is a limited-run of 528 copies, FYI) won’t actually be out till August 5. But until then, you can pre-order it right now at the Family Vineyard site, check out a sample of the swampy, slithering “side 2” down below, and dream of a Utopian future musical landscape where this sort of seamless collaboration among fiercely distinctive creative minds happens all the time. Careful not to sleep too long, though. You don’t wanna miss out of the one we got.

“untitled” tracklisting:

01. Side One (16:06)
02. Side Two (15:33)

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