♫♪  Dedekindcut (f.k.a. Lee Bannon) - BHM/N3D

Mainlining that scorched-earth neofuturist aesthetic into a zero-subtlety paroxysm of anti-cop rage, Dedekind Cut just dropped a Black History Month mix in truly contemporary fashion via the inimitable NON Records. Featuring art by Julianna Huxtable, the mix is as shattering as it is compulsively and propulsively danceable, “fuck the police” call-to-arms and sirens reverberating through screeching (anti-)globalist fervor and a full slice of technocratic terror while somehow remaining a furious party. There’s even a System of a Down sample done justice.

Racism is here, the past doesn’t go away, and everything carries a heritage, especially rage. This mix is very good.

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