♫♪  DELROY EDWARDS - Hangin’ At The Beach

It smells like we just looked each other in the eyes, at a glance, just. And ahead, Hangin at the Beach with Delroy Edwards in a haze you’ve held the last few days, but direction is rocky at the bottom, so why not hit a couple branches on the way down. Once you land, picking up the piece, observing bodily damage, and repairing a staircase back up is the challenge for whoever is might enough to accept it. Otherwise, there’s a rot that lingers, tagged in spray-painted on a dead body just blocks from the Roadhouse strip club — unrelated — soaking in the canal, where maybe these restaurants catch their fish for oil, or dump it. Both? Collecting a foam iridescent and slick on the surface, popping in bubbled bursts and you thought you saw a flame. And a yellow poncho and a taxi are what you see staring from the bridge, then driving off once the poncho enters the backseat.

The perfect Who-Done-It is out on double LP now via Boomkat. Get spinning Hangin at the Beach with Delroy Edwards or get bloated, washed up, penis mustache and chest hair. An embarrassing death erection with unlimited supply of zombie cum.

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