♫♪  Delroy Edwards - “Let It Rock!”

Let’s get our facts straight. Line the heroes up and ask them how they got their aliases and why they insist on us not calling them by their first names.

Make sure there’s nothing in the chamber. I’ve seen them play their dirty hero tricks before. One hero ran at the soldier boy with baby-in-arms, swaddling and all that. Soldier boy pushed the barrel up the hero’s nose, so the hero backed down, made some substantially-false-but-half-true claim about the baby being on its way up to Halifax.

Well, Halifax is a long way from sundown and sundown’s already here, and I already sold my wardrobe for a pair of swimming trunks, our grand state flag sprawled all over them, and I ain’t ever heard anyone say they were going swimming in Halifax or nowhere near, so I reckon that baby is most certainly going to go a long way from here, and a long way past sundown, but it ain’t up to Halifax, no, that baby’s floating down the Rio Grande, all the way past Sunset Station, yes, floating down the Rio Grande, which runs parallel to the Pecos River and well, don’t ask how Pecos River got its alias ‘cause you aren’t going to like the way in which Pecos River answers and ain’t that the truth so now we got our facts straight. I just know you’re not gonna like seeing barrels crosseyed and that’s the way heroes like to answer facts, so don’t go messing around asking how he or she got their aliases even though I told you to do just that earlier.

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