♫♪  Demdike Stare - Elemental

Turn it over. The other side has rotted through your closet floorboards. Almost. You flip it with ease cause it’s only 76 lbs. Re-wrap it with fresh plastic and slide the shad shut. Your face has been leaking since last Sunday, and it wont dry itself. There are clusters of scabs across your neck and hands; still healing. Out of breathe — always now — you practically fall down the stairs (two or three flights), and drag yourself to your spot. Turning the key and wheel to back out, your hands slick across metal and plastic because of the blood. In no time, because you’ve lost track of it, you arrive at the Bluespring Caverns and you pour out of the car. Whether or not your eyes are closed, you make it to a cavern entrance and lay there until falling in, and falling further, and cracking your [something/body] on the floor below. Exhaling saliva and snot is the last thing you hear echoing around you.

As if you didn’t see this coming, Demdike Stare did another round of EPs that turned into a double album. In case you missed “Tryptych,” “Elemental” is just as spooky, and possibly more breathtaking.

• Demdike State: http://www.myspace.com/pookawig
• Modern Love: http://www.modern-love.co.uk

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