♫♪  Den - “Laustinom”

Darkness shadows the dank cave as gleaming daylight sharply beams toward the sunken face of “Laustinom.” Her eyes peer open slowly, then WIDE, and she disappears into the black. Smashing of rock against rock, metal on mantle, and heavy breathing turns to guttural gurgles. The sound of stumbling stops, echoing only violent taring and pooled dripping.

“Laustinom” emerges from the hollowed entrance, carrying a hunk of chewed flesh and wearing tattered skin as clothing soaked in fresh blood. Immediately, she smells her breakfast traveling at a hurried pace along the empty valley, and she spares no time staring. In a heartbeat, she is a cheetah running/racing toward this caravan of meat, gets close, and uses a stick to jam the wagon wheel, which splinters into smithereens and tumbles the rest of the party.

As the wounded driver blinks, lying on the ground, between bursts of vision, he witnesses “Laustinom” slit the throats of the fallen animals and passengers. She stakes their bodies together upon a stick, heads toward the driver, and his eyes bulge into bloodshot vision. His last feeling is her tossing him atop the stake of bodies, and then hearing her spark a fire.

Den is releasing a new C30(ish) tape on (their drummer’s label) AVRCRC called Blossom Juice consisting of improv jams/bangers/grinders/murderers like “Laustinom.” Listen to the track below, and bang your head in agony:

• Den: http://noise-den.blogspot.com
• AVRCRC: http://avrcrc.blogspot.com

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