“Spectrum Shock”

As “Spectrum Shock” rattles the primitive gaggle of cave-biker snots outside the Manhole bar, the establishment is burning to the ground, and mistaking it as a biker-bar in the first place was clearly grave. Shaking from the inside-mind, Den rips down the long and treacherously deserted highway, throwing back all sorts of booze and yelling at the bottles as they break. High enough for the riff, they throw up hands and slide signature Den gestures at each other, shouting slack jaw gibberish between the roars of their bikes. Approaching the first car, they spot a chicken truck — they pour out most of the clear booze in the back and set towels on fire under the birds. Out of her mind, one gang member leaps from the back of a bike, clutches onto the side panel, and opens up the doors: cage-by-cage. She takes two birds, snaps their necks, and tosses them to her lady on the bike, who puts them in her saddle bag. And jumping back onto the bike, like from a window to a horse, another Den member pistols out a front wheel, and the truck goes skidding off the road, escaped chickens flapping and feathering away from the highway. Looking back, there’s no fire, only a pit of flickering light off to the side.

Riding up the mountaintop become chillier, and leather stenches the misty night air. Ponytails and missing teeth. A fire is started and the chicken roasts. One takes the gizzard and retro ingests it. Another makes jewelry out of the beak and feet. Taking embers from the fire with her bare hands, one of the bikers tosses the fiery-hot balls at the rest sitting at the fire and shouts in tongues and falls into their troth of drinking or bathing water, flailing around. Her yelling echos throughout the cave behind them and roaring comes back out, proceeded by a large cat of some kind, and it jumps at them straight into the fire, catching itself ablaze and being speared until it stops twitching. And as the undead were to rip open a human to eat, so do Den, as they come down off their “Spectrum Shock,” and full circle with the life they wish to lead.

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