♫♪  Derek Piotr - “Earth Edit (Chaircrusher Remix)”

No big deal, just some new Derek Piotr tunage in advance of a new record. “Kevin Drumm is involved.” Go about your business.

[double take, rubs eyes till they bleed in disbelief]

Wait, that’s a HUGE deal! And if this Earth Edit EP is any indication, the forthcoming album, Grunt (September-ish), is going to be some heavy shit. Static bursts and rhythmic clicks violently invade your headspace as if they were tectonic events between your ears. Landscape-altering stuff.

And then of course Chaircrusher drops in for his reinvention of “Earth Edit,” smoothing out some of the edges, crisping some of the beats, streamlining some of the jags, and spritzing melodic filigrees here and there for flavor. It’s a distinct reimagining, infused with mobility, a kinetic rush of steel momentum blasting forward into a badly-tracked-VHS modular future. Clean, yet still gritty.

Maybe Piotr’s tendencies will rub off on Chaircrusher and manifest themselves in future releases, and vice versa, and that would be an insane treat. But for now let’s hope Grunt, which means “earth” or “ground” in Polish, retains that unflinching chaotic natural tactility that makes “Earth Edit” such a gripping listen. I think we’re probably going to enjoy the result no matter what (plus I can’t wait to hear what Drumm does!). In short: MONSTER DEAL!

The Earth Edit EP drops May 25 from Derek himself via his Bandcamp.

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