♫♪  Derek Piotr - “Bhadrakali (The Lines Are All Dying Mix by Simon Whetham)”

You guys are all new to Derek Piotr, right? Yeah, looks like you are. Hang on.

*Rummages through old steel filing cabinet, pulls out several hanging folders containing massive amounts of paperwork*

Let’s see here, I started writing about this remix thing [*tosses file on desk*], but there was Airing etc. before that… Ah, here we go, Raj was the kicker for me. [*Tosses another file on desk*] You should check that one out. Heck, you should check everything out. [*Unceremoniously plops the rest of the files on the desk*]

Yeah, I’ve been on the Derek Piotr bandwagon for a long damn time, and it’s about time you Tiny Mix Tapes readers hopped on it too. I’ve even sat down with the Poland-via-New England experimental electronic sound artist (well, virtually) all the way back in 2014, and produced a frickin’ interview. Just in case you want to get to know him a little better, at least from my perspective. I’ll give you a reading/listening list in a moment.

Today, though, is your lucky day, because there’s new Derek Piotr tunage in the offing. That’s right, Underlined, a remix album spanning Piotr’s eight-year career, is just… about… to drop… right on time in March. This heaving dose of re-visioned sonic architecture comes, ahem, courtesy of Richard Chartier’s LINE label — his “Out of Area” mix of “Deliver” as Pinkcourtesyphone appears on the record.

But first up to wet your whistle is “Bhadrakali (The Lines Are All Dying Remix)” (below), which sounds nothing like Tempatempat’s original free-tribal romp. Still, Simon Whetham’s treatment is burrowingly intense, an electric nightmare of wires and transmissions. He does what all great remixers do in my opinion – uncover heretofore unrealized directions in songs whose newly opened paths you can bound down without abandon.

So fire up your Paypal and get ready for Underlined once the calendar turns to March. And in addition to the theoretical folders thrust at you above, also check out these reports on Bahar, Drono, and Forest People Pop. You’re bound to discover something in one of these that you’ve never heard before.

Tracklist and notes:

1. Value System (Derek Piotr 2018 Version)
2. Bhadrakali (The Lines Are All Dying Remix by Simon Whetham)
3. Mariana (Wash Schwebung Dub by Stephan Mathieu)
4. Deliver (Pinkcourtesyphone Out of Area Mix)
5. Remain (Steinbrüchel Remix)
6. Encloses (Steve Roden Remix – Full)
7. Sound (AGF Version)
8. Sunup (France Jobin Mix)

track 1 original version from Agora (Bitsquare, 2011) / track 2 original version from Tempatempat (Monotype Records, 2014) / track 3 original version from Drono (LINE, 2016) / track 4 original version from Airing (Bitsquare, 2012) / track 5 original version from Agora (Bitsquare, 2011) / track 6 original version from Tempatempat (Monotype Records, 2014) / track 7 original version from Drono (LINE, 2016) / track 8 original version from Forest People Pop (Bit-Phalanx, 2017)

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