♫♪  Diamond Terrifier - “Chicken Shaman” / “Porcupine Quills”

Outside noises become mantra’d and you squish on through the echoing path of darkness toward the ferocity of thought. In the distance is where he is found. Push on through and try not to look at him in the eyes. Hear him in the present and don’t defend yourself, just accept it. Try and fossilize him, transcend fear and thought and practice and “and;” find what you are really seeking.

Seek out Diamond Terrifier’s (Vajrabhairava/Sam Hillmer of ZS) 22-minute cassette Shrine Flu off Words+Dreams March 9.

• Diamond Terrifier: http://northern-spy.com/diamondterrifier
• Words+Dreams: http://www.wordsplusdrea.ms

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