♫♪  Diamond Terrifier - “Triple Gem”

Just to bring our readers up to speed: those who don’t SPIN that frequently, <> T (a.k.a. Diamond Terrifier a.k.a. Sam Hillmer a.k.a. one-third of ZS) popped off his hot new track “Triple Gem” this morning, which is part of a 30-minute “suite” from his new album The Subtle Body Wears a Shadow on Terrible Records. This morning when I arrived to work, I listened to “Triple Gem” and immediately bought the LP. There’s no doubt in my mind that the growing collection of Sam’s solo works have clues to every secret in life. I could never explain so in words, but neither can he (maybe). It all seems like it’s right there in music for listeners to decide. And what a moment it is during every moment in his breathing: stagnant yet baited, both wobbly and searing at its core. Yet if I were to leave out the word “burning,” this post wouldn’t be complete.

Scope <> T’s new LP The Subtle Body Wears a Shadow on Terrible Records immediately for maximum enjoyment of all senses possessed in music.

• Diamond Terrifier: https://twitter.com/DmndTrrfr
• Terrible Records: http://www.terriblerecordsus.com

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