♫♪  dip in the pool - Aurorae

If you have not yet heard of dip in the pool start here and let that take you somewhere. I first found out about the duo after members Miyako Koda and Tatsuji Kim collaborated with Visible Cloaks on their 2016 Valve / Valve (Revisited) release on RVNG Intl. Since then, I’ve been trying to hear as much of their breezy pop as the internet will allow and Japan’s HMV records has been a key player in this search.

HMV released two CDs by the duo in 2011 and 2015 respectively, and have just reissued two of their older LPs, 1989’s Retinae and 1991’s Aurorae, which were both originally released by Moon Records. More info about all of those releases here.

dip in the pool have shared some singles from Aurorae on their Soundcloud page, streaming below. It was the almost impossible warm and funky “I’m Still In Love With You” that first caught my attention in this batch, but since then all of the other very catchy singles have earned some real ear-wormy hours, too.

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