♫♪  Sugai Ken - “Wochikaeri to Uzume (をちかえりと渦女)”

Earlier this year, New York’s RVNG Intl. grafted a particular branch onto their very verdant back catalog with the release of Visible Cloaks’s Reassemblage. The CD featured a collaboration with Miyako Koda from dip in the pool, and sounded out many other influences previously explored in member Spencer Doran’s “Fairlights, Mallets and Bamboo” mixes. (If you haven’t already, download the first volume here, and stream the second one here.)

The label’s forthcoming release from Japan’s Sugai Ken, titled UkabazUmorezU, seems to blossom from that same branch. The featured track, “Wochikaeri to Uzume (をちかえりと渦女)”, itself (re)assembles a playground of cool, clear, exceptionally crisp fragments that unsettle themselves, strangely, like a creaking swing. I keep repeating the song to hear the déjà-vu inducing plucks at minute 2:42, and will likely keep doing so until UkabazUmorezU is released on October 20.

The LP will also come bundled with a limited edition cassette, Japanese Avant-Elektriciteit & Hypocotyl Mix with RVNG Intl., but, until that glorious time, patiently sate yourself by listening to Sugai Ken’s 2016 release, 鯰上 - On The Quakefish, on Dutch label Lullabies for Insomniacs.

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