♫♪  DJ Diamond - Deeper Than Trax

One of my favorite things about footwork/juke is that it’s based primarily around dancing. So, because of that, we get a lot of crossover trax and “covers” of either a style of dance or just a way dancers have adopted moves to a certain song. This draws the battle a step away from the foot-floor, and more-so into a battle between producers. For example, Paisley Parks ([slash] greatest thing that has happened to 2013 so far) honorably faced DJ Rashad’s “Ghost” with their own trolled out version. And here on Deeper Than Trax, DJ Diamond tries for the same with “Itz Not Rite,” which falls a little flatter than Rashad’s 12-inch version. Yet, I really dig the stand up bass on DJ Diamond’s take. As well, the title Deeper Than Trax stares Traxman straight in the face, in a crooked alley with lots of sharp corners and slick pavement.

Listening further into Deeper Than Trax, I was distracted at first and disappointed I heard no Rick Ross reference (considering the title). But I found it (DUHHH) in “Whip It.” And I’m into how “Digital Junkie” begins with that slick trap-work. “Tear It Up” also proves DJ Diamond’s still on his sample-slicing game too. But “Randomness” is as tossed off as its title. “Kill Switch” hardly goes anywhere. “Make Her Say” starts to get deep, but then it’s like no. That “Crazy SH*_*T,” however, is trolling supreme! And then so is this remix of “Harlem Shake,” but…. no thanks. So DJ Diamond made a real incline of a release. :^//

• DJ Diamond: https://soundcloud.com/dj-diamond-flight-muzik

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