♫♪  DJ Dog Dick - “Grease That I Got”

Based on a casual perusal of Twitter, certain factions of the world (i.e., ■’s) aren’t ready to accept “DJ Dog Dick” as a moniker, much less as their personal psych-synth faux-hop slime-noise messiah — but I’ve been ready, and you have too. If a little context would better ease DJDD, born Max Eisenberg, into your sweaty lovin’ arms, here it is: the Rockaway-based multi-instrumentalist has been releasing limited edition cassettes and 7-inches under the moniker since the mid-oo’s; he put in years of stage and studio time with noise legends Nautical Almanac, formed the duo Dog Leather with fellow industrial/noise DGAF prodigy Sewn Leather, and has recently been performing with Pictureplane (as Dickpic, natch [full-length coming soon]). If scientists invented a new machine to more accurately approximate the number of fucks given by their test subjects and locked the device in place right above DJDD’s sternum, the needle on the gauge would never rise above zero. Conventional notions of “taste” or “genre” or “quality” don’t factor into his output. I ask you now as a listener to renounce these constructs and come hang out with me in DJ Dog Dick’s metal-strewn, stinking alley full of piss.

You can find “Grease That I Got,” streaming below, on DJDD’s The Life Stains (available now on LP, CD, and CS from Hoss Records) along with twelve other bursts of toxic sonic mania (like this one and this one). I invite you to make up your own far-fetched comparison while listening to “Grease,” but please be sure to name check at least four disparate musical projects. Here’s mine: Green Day doing whippets with Culturcide in GX Jupitter-Larsen’s basement while Bruce Springsteen peeks disapprovingly through the window. “What about the guitar solo?” Oh, does Springsteen not cover that? Uhh, ok, Snakefinger is there too.

Put down your computer, pick back up your computer, and order The Life Stains now.

• DJ Dog Dick: https://twitter.com/ALLEYPISS
• Hoss Records: http://hossrecords.com

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