♫♪  dj lostboi - GOT LOST

malibu’s second self dj lostboi offers “a humble selection of collages, loops and reworks” from a soft hand. They come up close, like a sea shell put to your ear. Hear the distant crashing of white foam against grey stone, the whisperings and wailings of insentient bodies, their voices like a blue mist rising. I’m wet. It’s raining. I go into my room and shut the door. There’s no place I love more.

Listen closer. There are secrets to be gleaned, lessons to be learned, hymns that drip silvery words. There are odes in honor of some of those that dj lostboi holds respectfully dear, including Lil Uzi Vert and the celestial Dj Sammy. Hear those voices and others, including lostiboi’s own, below…

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