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Learn yourself:

Minion, min·ion, /ˈminyən/ — a follower or underling of a powerful person, especially a servile or unimportant one.

Underlings? Been around for ages. Followers? Now we’re talking. It started with buddy lists. Then there was pc4pc. Then we had pokes. And then, well, we started following. We became, and we are becoming, minions. In many ways, we always knew this age was coming.

I know: some of you hate minions. They’re everywhere. They’re kitschy. They’re corny. They’re low hanging fruit. Minion this, minion that. Oh great, another minion. Listen, I hear you. But all that griping doesn’t help anything. Minionism might be a fraught form, but we are here, and for now, it’s the best we have. Come on—the water is warm.

No, of course I have not seen the movie. Has anyone? In fact, the movie probably isn’t even real. Besides, it doesn’t matter. Not much, anyway. The movie is only half the picture. People like to talk about Minions as if they’re some giant commune living in the hills, waiting to come down from the shadows and reveal themselves to us. How ridiculous. No—we are Minions, even if you scoff at the idea. If we want to know how Minions are doing, you need to ask: how are we doing?

If you are scared of Minions, you should face it: you’re scared of the present. More importantly, you’re scared of the future. You know what they say: if you can’t beat ‘em, deep fry ‘em. And then put ‘em on a shirt.

Join DJ NJ Drone. That minion music. That SYN wave. That new joint. It’s all here. Get those overalls ready.

Stream The Cold Habit below.

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