♫♪  DJ NJ DRONE - The Cold Habit (Mix)

It’s fucking April 20. Who up rn? Seriously, nobody gives a shit if you’re up right now unless you’re tweek-hopping on the latest DJ NJ Drone The Cold Habit (Mix). Gabber dance in slow motion until something snaps like stretching too much in one way, and your body weight overwhelms your joints. Nothing will stop building, ever.

An Arabic mans and Chinese woman quickly trade money and cigarette cartons between bags inside a Shinhan Bank’s ATM-booth area. My falafel dude tells me this Arabic mans knows five different languages because they share a day-shift at the book shop around the corner. Arabic mans gives $3 to the Chinese woman after he exchanges a five-dollar bill for five bucks from my falafel dude, while a Korean fellah pulls up in plate-less white Honda.

When the Chinese woman leaves, walking along-side the Arabic mans, Arabic mans says something in Mandarin, the Chinese woman walks the other way, my falafel dude chiefing smoke signals from the Korean fellah’s Honda, and that food just burning as I’m white-guy staring at everything happening like obviousness is a caricature of the pathetic race my self is associate with…

…DJ NJ Drone’s new The Cold Habit (Mix) is 100% curious. Ever since espresso SYN, DJ NJ Drone has been a staple NYC-travel soundtrack of mine, and is solely complete self immolation, because saying “the Brooklyn producer is ‘fire’,” is down-right objective and boardwalk offensive. So… cash DJ NJ Drone in Atlantic City during Summer 2017? Rent out a hotel. Come on down. Sleep on the beach. Don’t sleep ever? Let’s start something now. Calendar invite coming soon:

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