i’ve figured it out!! so, it’s like the time the earth spun WAY faster than usual and the sky turned a nameless color, you fell from the cliff-side, pinching your tongue between two jagged rocks, and everything came ripping out: throat, tubes, lungs, eyes (even), stomach, more tubes; it’s a mess. anyhow, it catches your asshole at the bottom, snaps you inside-out, skeletal remains fall into the salty sea water, and you feel every grain sticking to your tissue. so, you know, Dan Marino selling Isotoners..

djwwww is hihikun_, editor-in-chief from Hi-Hi-Whoopee. as well as just a dope-ass dude in general. under the guise djwwww, he just popped out the sound collage release w​~​w​~​w, and it’s pretty much 15 minutes of new sounds.

no DOUBT about this having a song titled “cum” too. YESS! was listening with my grandma to the new SUSAN BALMAR (TMT Review) — which DOUBLE no doubt has similarities to djwwww’s w​~​w​~​w in a melting way — and the song “cum” pops up, and she’s 97 years old, so it’s not like she DOESN’T know what the word cum means *SMASH CUT TO* last summer we’re watching the new Hills Have Eyes, and that scene where the dad is lit on fire happens: she turns to me and asks, “Clifford, you don’t like this kinda stuff do you?”

Yeah, Grams… but w​~​w​~​w by djwwww goes hard too:

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