♫♪  Dntel - “If I Stay a Minute”

Yes, this is real: 1) Dntel is coming out with a new album and 2) this is my second day in a row that I’m covering Leaving Records’ glory. Since his (Jimmy Tamborello) come-back Tour Tape 2012 into LP Aimlessness, Dntel has been circuiting the Dublab dynasty, then low-and-behold: Human Voice!

Remember when Dntel was progressing pop to the point of beyond musical territory and then the Postal Service fucked it all up and got that UPS commercial? Fuck all that! ‘Cause his single “If I Stay a Minute” blows all intentions of advancing music outta the atmosphere. “If I Stay a Minute” really means, “I’ll stick around, but will end up here a bit longer than a minute because this shit is good.” There’s even vocals (?) on this track. And sampled or not, it’s backward. I mean, it’s backward that Dntel went to cassette on this, which also means Human Voice’s release on cassette is a highly admirable move and deserves every ear on this Earth because it was made by people.

Leaving Records is straight up PEOPLE. Like, there are human beings at work there, and are humble about his art, as well as crushing the small-run label scene this year: D/P/I, new Diva (!!!!!!!!!), and now Dntel. Makes me think Matthewdavid will start going by Datthewmavid… just to fit in with the alliteration. But there’s no doubt Dntel’s newest tape Human Voice on Leaving Records needs a solid listen from everyone reading this post. Check out “If I Stay a Minute” below and let it linger until the tape pops September 23:

• Dntel: https://soundcloud.com/dntel
• Leaving Records: http://leavingrecords.com

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