Dntel releases new album Hate In My Heart on Leaving Records, retains the hate everywhere else

Dntel releases new album Hate In My Heart on Leaving Records, retains the hate everywhere else
Photo: Robb Klassen

Hey, quiet down y’all, ‘cause I just got the hot new intel on the hot new Dntel: Jimmy Tamborello’s first new record in four years is called Hate In My Heart, and it’s out now on Leaving Records. Man, those guys from the Postal Service sure can deliver!

Hate In My Heart is a minimalist, shapeshifting, and occasionally abstract LP that was “performed live in [Tamborello’s] living room in 2017 with a Buchla Music Easel and some pedals, then edited.” It aims to capture the national mood at this particular moment in time with an array of beepings and bloopings, which is why it had to be released right now — and not, like, in September 1895 or something.

If you, like Sensei Tamborello, would like to release the hate in your heart, then you can always preview the album by listening to “Worn” below alongside the full album tracklisting. If you prefer to keep that animosity in a more tangible form and always close at hand, you can grab Hate In My Heart on cassette at the Dntel Bandcamp page (where you can also purchase the album…digitally). If you instead prefer to keep that hysterical aggression bottled-up inside where it slowly carves out a dark pit of furious anger with the density of a dying star and the burning intensity of a wildfire, well, join the club, bud!

Hate In My Heart tracklisting:

01. Us Falling
02. A World Under Ours
03. Inforate
04. Adeline
05. Worn
06. Kelp & Current
07. Leviathan
08. Restart
09. Dizzy Ideas
10. Hope In My Heart

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