♫♪  dok-s project / Opaline / Black Dolphin - Infrastructure, Music for Liquid Interiors, Slothrot3000

Our oblong buddy Squiggle Dot put out another rapid fire three-peat at the turn of the month. This SD installment features dok-s project, Opaline, and Black Dolphin.


Infrastructure is from Tokyo-based dok-s project (a.k.a. Syusaku Deguchi). An exercise in modular synth and the tonal building blocks of its immediate world. Infrastructure isn’t concerned with the raised city as a finished product, rather the bricks, windows, hands, tiles, wires it assembled. A must listen for any nob-and-wire fetishist, even if it’s just to gaze longingly at dok-s project’s Soundcloud header.

Vacationers running through airports have Eno and Chino Amobi. We, the waterhome owners, have Opaline’s (a.k.a. Portland’s Hunter Thompson) Music for Liquid Interiors. We live on the cusp at the far end of an infinity pool. We’re the body lost in the midst of a waterfall. We’re besties with the third Squiggle Dot release.

Slothrot3000 by Black Dolphin (a.k.a. Dan Hill) plays like a video game within Music for Liquid Interiors. The weightless arpeggios are soft to touch, allowing outside thought to take a backseat to unabated conscience streams. The tracks titles even paint an idea of levels or furry plot points: “Sloth is born,” “Mt. Tabwemasana,” “Sparrow’s Fall.” The compositions on Slothrot3000, and the albums above for that matter, are effectively positive pieces, relaxive and sunny.

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