♫♪  suwa kazuya & dok-s project - “wave”

A collaboration from Tokyoites suwakazuya and dok-s project for Tameike’s new cassette tape label Nu bisco beach, also out of Tokyo. This video accompanies the duo’s cassette, wave tape, which you can hear in full here, and which the label briefly but beautifully describes as “electro, sampling, noise symphony for all individuals.”

Our friend Hydroyoga wrote a poem once. A part of the poem went:

Wave, wave.
There were no waves.
There were keys.

A scary blob brain hovers and swirls, a kind of key. A key to the symphony, or to the city. Later, on the water, the feeling of that blobbing brain returns in the faces of fishermen casting out. There are no waves, only these.

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