If it’s true that creators of disturbing works of art are often holed up somewhere, cackling with sneaky delight, then surely the keepers of nonchalance are, sans persona, careworn and melancholy. I don’t know DPEEE and his work as well as Bort does, but I’ve seen the gory .gifs, I know of his ghoulish affiliates, and, above all, I surrendered last year to the chaotic good ICEE and the chaotic evil COSMIC SOUNDS REVISITED with full-bodied compliance. Neither makes for very safe driving, but at least with ICEE there’s hope you’ll crash with lavender thoughts of courting your first love with not quite courtside seats, engorged hotdogs, and the titular refreshment. Chill enough, eh?

Something’s different about the return of our Canadian star-born melodist. It’s like he cares. About you. About me. About our speakers, dear lord! This tape’s still a doozy, but a considerate one, like stargazing through slits of another’s tender hands. Go on, let it furl:

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