♫♪  DPEEE - “BONU5”

The automobiles used by the United States Postal Service have the steering wheel on the passenger side of the truck so the mail carrier can easily access the mailboxes they stuff dead trees into. Ever thought about when those drivers get off work and get into their own car? I mean, they’ve been doing the opposite all day long, then have to switch it up. Think it fucks with them? They’ve gotta slip up at some point, right? Must be weird. Truly, this is a puzzling and thought provoking world we fleshy lifeforms live in.

Anyway, that has nothing to do with what I’m about to tell you about, but I figured it’d eat some space. Seems to have worked. Moving on.

For real though, you should peep that above video for DPEE’s album closer, “BONU5,” from $TEAK & RIB$ (ESR008), his new tape on EL SERENO RECORDS. This shit is genuinely worth your time, and if you scroll past this article and don’t listen/watch, YOU CAN GO FUCK YOURSELF!! Jk, but on the real, peel back your eyelids and enjoy the talented team of unnamed dancers who unknowingly wiggle and slide to “BONU5”, then check out the rest of the $TEAK & RIB$ (ESR008).

• DPEE: https://soundcloud.com/dpeee
• EL SERENO RECORDS: https://elserenorecords.bandcamp.com

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