Potentially just as long (or maybe LONGER) than his RICO EP on Leaving Records, D/P/I (a.k.a. [you already know]) continues his mind game tactics in the new ” INA LL LANGUA GES ” MIX TAPE. It actually dropped this past week during the holiday, which was also my birthday, so… BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT OF 2014!!!! But check it, D/P/I actually absorbs Google Translate with this one, y’all. There’s so much terrain here, when I play it aloud at work, I’m not sure what is reality and what is ” INA LL LANGUA GES ” MIX TAPE. It will completely melt nodes together and bring you to another place in the world that isn’t pictured in a book or the internet. Like opening up a curtain to a forest beyond human imagination, and colors blend into fragments of light that can’t be replicated or mirrored: THIS IS D/P/I:

• D/P/I: http://www.chanceimag.es

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