With a stellar past few months for D/P/I (inteview; JEANETTE, 08.DD.15, SHE WAS NO TAME THING), LORD SMS (World of Shit, GLASS BRIXX VOL. 1), and Bootleg Tapes (SEE: [discography]), it’s comes at no surprise there’d be a merging of their minds. But more like a melting. From what I’ve heard, LORD SMS used real streams of “STROBE LIGHT S” sent by D/P/I to recreate and edit it for a physical CS of JEANETTE being released by Bootleg Tapes. As well, considering LORD SMS’ recent endeavors as SIMULATOR — with deep fam LAMPGOD — the question of “Is LORD SMS an actual person, or wavelength of beings mashed within a basement mainframe hacked direct to the deepest cores of the Internet?” It’s all true.

Both D/P/I and LORD SMS been traveling, though. Either by WIFI or tunneling on they knees or by wheel, these entities of music remain fucking productive. Communication by text. Communication by sound structure. Communication through my ears to words to your eyes and mind, now comes JEANETTE by way of cassette on Bootleg Tapes with the added extra “STROBE LIGHT S” (LORD SMS EDIT), stamping a bit of magic dance that breaks down mantel, and centers itself right around the heart. There two give two-shits about festering a community for individual benefit and are more-so continuing a conversation. Mega ego will never completely dominate the collective mind. Nor will it crash out on my boi Brad Stabler. So dig on “STROBE LIGHT S” (LORD SMS EDIT) below and wait for D/P/I’s new(ish) release on Bootleg Tapes soon:

• D/P/I: http://chanceimag.es
• LORD SMS: https://soundcloud.com/bessedof
• Bootleg Tapes: http://bootlegtapes.bandcamp.com

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