♫♪  Dreamcrusher - Incinerator

Dreamcrusher (Luwayne Glass of Wichita, KS) prepares his electronics on a three-legged table positioned under the exposed lightbulb providing the only source of light in the chamber. One hideous drainage pipe spans the west wall, dripping flakes of decay and asbestos onto the jackets of the pipe-leaning posse. Before anyone is even close to ready, Glass’s set begins.

Noise-Heads in attendance touch their temples with both hands and sway in arrhythmic ecstasy. “Oh daaaaaaggg!!!” “Straight up power electronics, man.” “Harsh Noise Walls FTW!!” No one, not even the screamers themselves, hear these screams over the torrent of static-blasted death gushing from the PA. Black plastic bags emerge from pockets and cover heads.

Ravers in attendance lick a finger and hold it out to test the barometric pressure. Perfect for throwing down and/or getting there. A bass drum throbs through the mayhem as the attendees spread out into their own radii of free motion. Arms fly and heads bang as side-chain compression squeezes peals of feedback and house beats into one pulse: “untz H*H#T(#TE untz 83ty9#YHT#AT untz *#TQ(HTAUTGND untz.”

People that don’t fit into either of these demographics, or fit into both, enjoy themselves down there in the basement. Dreamcrusher’s maelstrom of live destruction offers something for everyone.

Incinerator is available on limited edition cassette, and digitally via Bandcamp.

• Dreamcrusher: http://dreamcrusher.bandcamp.com
• This Ain’t Heaven Recording Concern: http://www.thisaintheavenrc.com

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