♫♪  Hauschka - “Yufuin Part 2”

Balloons and feather duster-thingies? Nudity?? Slow, awkward, deliberate movements??? Nope, it’s not footage of me jazzing myself up to clean my apartment once a year every Bastille Day (though footage of that certainly does exist, and it’s… according to my girlfriend, “pretty artsy”). It’s a brand spanking new video entitled “Yufuin Part 2” that just hit the digital-pavement courtesy of experimental pianist/composer Volker Bertelmann, aka Hauschka.

The “highly visual abstract” video-ness portion of the video was created by photographer Mareike Foecking to align with Bertelmann’s “themes of isolation bringing about self-discovery.” Meanwhile, its music-ness was taken from his recent live album 2.11.14, which came out this past June via City Slang and which documents “two 20 minute improvisations that were recorded in Japan last year November,” both of which are very loosely based on his PREVIOUS album Abandoned City.”

Read more about the recording of that live album right over here so that you can sound smart and highly-abstract when someone brings it up around the highly-abstract water cooler in your highly-abstract office.

• Hauschka: http://hauschka-net.de
• City Slang: http://www.cityslang.com
• Mareike Foecking: http://www.foecking.net

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