♫♪  DSTVV - Molly Soda [EP]

In a 2002 interview with Olga Sladeckova for Pennyblackmusic about the formation of The Jesus and Mary Chain, William Reid stated, “It was perfect timing because there weren’t any guitar bands. Everybody was making this electronic pop music.” Decades later, we seem to be facing the same conundrum. But, whoever told you all of this dreamy, gazey, electro-pop had to be all light and soft and airy has never listened to San Francisco’s DSTVV. Loud and distorted without sacrificing any of the sheen, DSTVV’s Molly Soda EP is a real rude awakening for all of this dream-pop nonsense. Wake up! Your cotton-cloud, powder-blue sky is falling.

Stream the entire Molly Soda EP below and buy the tape from Teen Witch. Give me the psycho. You can keep the candy.

• DSTVV: http://dstvv.bandcamp.com
• Teen Witch: http://teenwitch.bigcartel.com

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