♫♪  DSTVV - “Crusher”

I’m not sure why I’ve never paid much attention to music videos, but this DSTVV video for “Crusher,” the first single from their upcoming EP, is a sure good reason to start. Eight seconds in, some dude in a huge Minotaur mask is taking animal-masked humans on a psychedelic walk through flatlands, and then one second later, a huge party breaks out, surely celebrating nothing less than the end of the world, with fireworks blowing up and the entire dance floor descending into hell. And why not? While everyone else is being all quiet and nostalgic in their bedrooms, San Francisco’s DSTVV is ripping out full-distortion party anthems in the wake of all of that revived 80s hopelessness. It makes sense; if any apocalyptic catastrophe is going to hit the United States, California is probably going to be the first to go. You might as well get over being sad about it now.

Check out the video above, and look for the new DSTVV EP on WORMHOLE Records at the end of this month.

• DSTVV: http://dstvv.bandcamp.com
• WORMHOLE Records: http://wormholerecords.bigcartel.com

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