♫♪  Eaves - Verloren

Verloren is complete penetration. Less punctuation. More sensation. Eaves’ newest offerings of sound mesmerization is like stepping outside with short and/or a t-shirt on. Or like you seeing someone at a major intersection without a coat in 10-degrees snow/rain. “Excuse me, are you OK? Do you need help?” Their skin sticking upon ends. Verloren crystalizing the moment of cool in a completely muted way. As if drawing from similar philosophical aspects of sound and audible astound most black metal does, PTP continues on a slay streak.

People love a violent magic trick that turns out to be an illusion. People love waiting for the perfect moment gore enters slasher movies, almost expecting a TBS edited version, but you came late to the cinema, so front row is the only option. People love to vent their emotions with physical energy. Verloren is merely an invitation from Eaves. And PTP is fully waiting for y’all to let go. More to come:

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