♫♪  Eaves - “Linthen Heap”

There’s a harsh, unavoidable tension driving Eaves’ new single, “Linthen Heap,” off PTP’s upcoming release Verloren. With a brooding melody spiked into climaxes, Eaves sharpens the line between cyber-club and biotecture in “Linthen Heap,” accellerated by bunkering a blend of hacker ambience and melt-ware composition. And the entirety of Verloren isn’t too far off from these sounds. Maybe a little more thriller, horror elements in the album than what “Linthen Heap” beholds, but the journey awaits those who are eager to listen.

Chaos reigns “Linthen Heap,” leading the way for Eaves’ new December 2, 140g black vinyl (with full color fold-over cover art by Werkflow and design by Josh Padarathsingh) — plus high-quality downloads in MP3, FLAC and etc. — on PTP. Mastered by Jeremy Cox, Verloren brings listeners composed harmonies in a foundation that naturally builds a sustainable infrastructure to atmosphere an adventurous climb through production dynamics. “Linthen Heap” brazened in flames:

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