♫♪  Ecko Bazz - Tuli Banyo [Versions]

HAKUNA KULALA — sister label of Nyege Nyege Tapes — heats up DJ sets with new track “Tuli Banyo” by Ecko Bazz featuring lyrics by Biga Yut, production pq, and a rave-edit sliced by Ekhe. Each of the three versions (“radio-edit, instrumental, and rave edit) bang individually, but it’s Ecko Bazz and Biga Yut energy that radiates in cracks and loops and swirling melodies. A sonic sweat beading around the necklines that gives you a sense that, “Maybe I’m just old enough to not go out tonight, but the chances of hearing ‘Tuli Banyo’ to lay it out real thicc,” Ima go thicc. You should thicc up:

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