Ugandan MC Ecko Bazz releases Kyusa Embela EP on Nyege offshoot Hakuna Kulala

Ugandan MC Ecko Bazz releases Kyusa Embela EP on Nyege offshoot Hakuna Kulala

Following up on his debut EP from last year, Kampala-based MC, Ecko Bazz, is back with another release that apparently tugs at the heartstrings of early grime aficionados and ongoing enthusiasts of the ever-envelope-pushing Nyege Nyege Tapes label.

The new EP is called Kyusa Embela, and it’s out now courtesy of the the Nyege offshoot, Hakuna Kulala.

And wouldn’t you know it? Producer pq also returned for the sake of chest-pounding rhythms that are nonetheless reassuring if you have a perpetual fear of inhaling a chestburster. It’s surely a testament to the borderless nature of music that a distinct sound/style (like that associated with grime) can make its way to a country some 6,000 miles away. (There’s still hope in my quest for a Russian Pixies cover band!)

Again, Kyusa Embela follows Tuli Banyo, which had fellow MC, Biga Yut, featured on the title track. This new one is all Ecko Bazz, though, so we’ll see if this precedes a proper LP some time in the near future. It looks like the Hakuna Kulala imprint’ll be inclined to have him; they’re off to a fast start.

In the mean time, sream Kyusa Embela in full below or buy it here.

Kyusa Embela tracklist:

01. Kyusa Embela
02. Nightmare Song
03. Kyusa Embela (gunfinger mix)

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