Holy moly! This “NECROPOLIS HIGHLIGHTS” by EGYPTIAN SPORTS NETWORK (Charles Berlitz & Matt Mondanile) just bugged out my dog hardcore. Here I am, thinking about what to write, something maybe about the boys wind-surfing to and playing squash to, but these high-frequency beeps in the track got my dog thinking there was an intruder at the front door. Or some extra terrestrial life tryna beam us both off our couch and into another-other. All jood, doh. Was talking to Charles Berlitz awhile back about putting on Lieven’s Canto Arquipélago for my pup while I went to bed. His reaction: “Whoa, dog thoughts!” <3

Anyhow, the Pacific City Sound Visions site is in FULL effect, with loads of back stock on old Monopoly Child and Vodka Soap releases, as well as a hefty travel section and an “Also Available” section, bringing that harden mystery into the mind of Clark (who?) himself! Meanwhile, Matt Mondanile’s New Images remains pretty much thriving on its standard set of releases, which is just as chill because Girlseeker and TOMUTONTTU and PC Worship are MAXX jammers.

Scope “NECROPOLIS HIGHLIGHTS” by EGYPTIAN SPORTS NETWORK on their new 45 INTERSTITIAL LUXOR immediately on New Images or Pacific City Sound Visions. Feel the future of you!

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• New Images:

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