As the planets align, framed by a bent arm, stars swell and surround the setting sun, and windsurfing at dusk becomes a thing of the now, here on EGYPTIAN SPORTS NETWORK. Catching the rip and pulling the slalom board, Rider ONE casts a deeply gazed shadow onto our cameras, baring likeness to the levitation activity reported being seen on the eastern mountains earlier this week. Yet, today we trek on into the sea activity, catching that natural path of tidal current, while mist is blown in a breeze, likely moistening attendees’ shades, and — no doubt -— speckling rainbows in their view. Today’s rides are truly visions in reality.

On the thrones, we see the transcendent form of Charles Berlitz, at his realest Matthew Mondanile, and laughing as always Christine Amanpour. Pensive in the moment, yet joyous after every wave run, the three judges throw up their scores in hand gestures. *hang loose* *double peace fingers* *thumbs always up* *mashed potato* *raising the roof* *gotta smoke* Sometimes they just point and smile. Catch it now on EGYPTIAN SPORTS NETWORK: “INTERSTITIAL LUXOR.” When you thought everything was right there; reaching out and gripping the 45 encapsulates your imagination, beyond.

• Spencer Clark:
• Matthew Mondanile:

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