♫♪  Elestial Sound - Fresh Buds

Elestial Sound has a new compilation! Another mix of sixteen songs pairing fresh faces with label veterans and another cover from sculpture artist Evan Galbicka, who produced the numerically subtle covers of their previous comps. Sixteen bodies silly-strung together. Squiggle Dot boss Euglossine ranting about the Jazz Prison Industrial Complex under the Sunmoonstar(s), Kane Pour(ing) one out. But there’s more here than pun opportunities. The bizzaro-funk, lush jazz-loving label collects and spreads sound in their North Florida warehouse and beyond. Vancouver’s AAA and Sunmoonstar from Sydney are featured on Fresh Buds and Gainesville’s Squiggle Dot. Base members morphing into new towns: shaRa Lunon into NYC and Ben Varian into Olympia, WA. Elestial Sound is as strong at its roots as they are on the canopy.

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