Hausu Mountain unveils February releases by Euglossine & Sharkula x Mukqs, premieres new tracks and a full album stream

Hausu Mountain unveils February releases by Euglossine & Sharkula x Mukqs, premieres new tracks and a full album stream
Shrkula x Mukqs (photo: friendly waitress)

Heyo, here I am: another resident TMT correspondent reporting for duty, with

big news.

And what news it is!

Hausu Mountain, baby (ever heard of it?). It’s a label based in Chicago, but also (maybe moreso?!) in the nebulous Networked Sea of Cyberspace. Hausu Mountain’s tentacles reach far and wide, seeking forward thinking artists from various backgrounds and music scenes, culminating in an eclectic roster that’s always full of surprises.

Which brings me to the reason you and I are here, on this w-e-b-p-a-g-e, swimming in this vast Sea Network I’m talking about. Hausu Mountain has some exciting stuff coming out in February. Let’s discuss!

First up: the inimitable Euglossine (who hails from Gainesville, Florida but swims about in the Networked Sea of Cyberspace quite often himself) will be dropping his first ever Hausu Mountain release Coriolis on February 15. The operative referent of Coriolis is smooth jazz fusion, but embedded in a wax-nostalgic framework of elevator music and video game soundtracks. Euglossine takes these nuanced, context-oriented sounds/moods and resets them in a bed of optimism that absolutely drips with lush melodies. Using various instruments (guitar, keys, programmed percussion, modular synthesis, etc.) as his brush, Euglossine paints jazz fusion in a style that reaches far beyond imitation, taking us into a futuristic world haunted by the faint ghosts of forgotten technologies. Pre-order it over here and sample a couple exclusive tracks below!

But first: brace yourself for ANOTHER (yes, ANOTHER!) February release from the lush coral reef that is Hausu Mountain. Label co-founder Max Allision aka Mukqs has teamed up with oddball hip-hop extraordinaire Sharkula to create Prune City, a sprawling album that sees Mukqs on production twisting and sampling and swirling everything from noise to techno to sound collage — while Sharkula tumble-rhymes a blurred landscape of surreal images, pop culture references, and stream-of-consciousness head scratchers. The result is an improv heavy symbiosis not dissimilar to those fish that surf on turtles.

Prune City drops on February 1, but WAIT! I’m here to tell you that we at TMT have the honor of PREMIERING THE FULL ALBUM STREAM! Right now!! That’s right folks: the ocean awaits, and it’s beckoning you to swim with Sharkula & Mukqs as you pre-order here and listen to Prune City in full down below.

February might be the shortest month of the year; but in the vast Networked Sea of Cyberspace, time is a forgotten, useless construct of the Physical. You know this. Hausu Mountain knows this. Just imagine how fast these 28 days are gonna go by as we swim in all this new music. Get your scuba gear (I’ll wait). Then, hit PLAY already:

Coriolis tracklisting:

01. Blue Dream
02. Coriolis
03. Naturalist
04. Eternal Mouse
05. Boudreaux
06. Egret
07. Zig Zag
08. Cloud Bop
09. Daytime
10. World Behind The Eyes

Prune City tracklisting:

01. Wipe Your Booty With a Bandana
02. Expand Your Mind
03. Hitchhiking on the Mic Device 04:46
04. Mustache Like Pringles
05. Bigass Beard
06. Screamin’ On Your Booty
07. The Love Boat

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