♫♪  Elucid - “Wake Up Dead Man” (Milo Remix)

That I spent about 20 minutes Googling phrases like “black mermaid mythology” for this post and still haven’t found the exact point of reference I know Elucid is making with his opening bars should provide about all the incentive you need to check out this tune. I guess some myths are too wet for any net. Also:

  • “Wake Up Dead Man” = the last song on Elucid’s Save Yourself
  • Save Yourself > Your current favorite album of 2016
  • Milo’s So the Flies Don’t Come > Your favorite album of 2015
  • Elucid + Milo = Nostrum Grocers
  • Upcoming Tiny Mix Tapes interview with Elucid > 10,000 words

Stop doing things that don’t involve listening to this.

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