♫♪  emamouse - “Tiny mice rice”

Lil mousies scamper through the walls, always outwitting the cat—so fat. They nest in the cupboards and chew through the bags. A hand shoots into an over-stacked cabinet and feels around for a box of cereal. Rushed morning, missed alarm, hunger! the mousies squeak hehehehe while dodging the groping fingers, fuck, what was that?! What?! I thought I felt something. Find the cereal box and the back’s been chewed out. Stale flakes and freeze-dried fruits spill all over the floor. Mouse in the house, mouse is the bookshelf, mouse in the sink drinking the dirty water that pools in the drain. What do we do? Drown it?! No don’t. So down goes an overturned bowl. Stillness, then it rams its little body against the side, and a tiny claw shoots out from under the gap, grasping, wahh, keep it steady! The sink’s uneven!! Ok, ok, one of us has to do something. Quick bowl up gloved hand I’ve got it! Nooo. A tail disappears under the gap in the molding; a single grain of rice softens in the sink.

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