♫♪  eMMplekz - Rook to TN34

Put on your best mockney accent and repeat after me: “modern life is rabbish!” Not that it needed saying, tho, since we’re reminded of it every damn day. From the annoying minutiae of paying 50p for the toilet or hearing David fuckin’ Guetta in a club, to the unsettling far-right consciousness recently awoken both in Europe and across the pond, we can only stare down the proverbial barrel and hang on for dear life when the trigger is pulled. Or, if you’re Baron Mordant and Nick Edwards, you can commit your cynicism to tape, all ridden, sluiced and ready for consideration. Call it what you want: “blue dub noise,” or perhaps “experimental avant-garde comedy electronic radiophonic spoken word Hastings,” it gets me going however you frame it. Even buying music is a bloody chore. Couldn’t afford that new eMMplekz cassette, so I guess my crate has changed. Not only that, they even had the nerve to remind me of what I might also like, the bastards. And so it goes:

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